Take control of your micro ‘media’ making full use of your own resources, with Bot.gr.

For brand

With Bot.gr, you can keep relevant context between employees, micro publishers and your fans without noise. You can create better content based on their feedback and build a relationship of trust with them independently of the social platforms and based on your own channels.

You can now give form to your own dynamic and use Bot.gr as a complementary tool for services that a company typically mobilizes for its communication needs, such as the promotion of content, SEO, PR, Reputation Management, advocacy programs etc. Also, you will be able to have multiplier benefits on all your PPC campaigns.

It's time to shift media investment to your owned & earned media with Bot.gr!

For micro publishers

If you own a website, a blog or a Facebook page you can become our associate. You will have the chance to find companies interested to publish their content on your site. We are NOT an affiliate network and we don’t require that you publish anything for free. Within the platform you will be able to find insights and tips that will help you become a Larger Publisher.

For agencies

For companies with special demands and a large number of customers, we have a custom solution for your needs.

Contact us for more information.

Make your employees the driving force for growing your business by making relevant content available to them at all times.

Media Budget Allocation

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Global paid media speed ratios are currently at 95 precent 4.5 percent of owned media and .5 percent for earned media.

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With Bot, in less than 3 months, you can count more on your own trusted media.

with Bot

Bot Bot.gr

With the advocacy program you will be able to invite the employees of your company and potentially give them an incentive to participate in the program, by providing feedback on the content that the company produces, but also, by sharing the content on their own Social Media channels in case they are interested.

Also, we can create together off site backlinks, on date ranges that you decide, based on your own criteria, via a fully automated process, on sites with content that matters to you.

Find here an example of what you can gain just by inviting your employees. (B2B company performance with waapfair after a month)

We identify the micro publishers and influencers that are relevant to your content.

With the feedback on the content that you produce and the rating procedure, you can establish and secure the conditions for more shared posts, mentions and republications through our service.



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Register to our service and gain income from the work that you already do as a Publisher. It is important to us to help you reach the highest possible score WfRANK (0-100), so that you can make the most and gain full access to published content from the largest publishers, pr agencies, eshops, brands etc.

To qualify as a micro publisher all you need to have is one FB page, or one webpage, or to contribute to different sites as a journalist. The service is built in such a way that it showcases the smaller publishers. It is NOT a competitive service to PR Agencies but a complementary one, as to other digital agencies.

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Are you a PR Agency, a Marketing Agency, a Digital Agency or an SEO provider?

Contact us to learn more about how you can offer your clients the best possible services tailored to the needs of a company that monitors many different client accounts.